Corning Pride 2019

This Saturday several of us will attend the first annual Corning Pride festival.

We will wear t-shirts identifying us as members and friends of the First Baptist Church of Painted Post. On the back of the shirt it says, "We Believe that God Loves Everyone. No Exceptions!"

It is with our beloved members of the LGBTQ community (including our beloved members of the LGBTQ community (including our church members) that we will gather in solidarity, love and support.

Pride events are happening this month all over the world. They are necessary because we are yet to see a fully inclusive society. Toward this end, we are proud to publicly support and affirm the LGBTQ community locally and globally - especially within the church.

Baptists have a long history of speaking out, showing up and advocating for an inclusive society. Yet some members of our Baptist family continue to exclude members of God's family. Citing misunderstood and misinterpreted biblical texts, they attempt to continue a campaign of exclusion and discrimination.

We want the people of Corning to know that we Baptists are not part of the problem. We are Christians who envision a day, soon to come, when ALL people are welcomed and affirmed as God's people!