Statement of Faith

Our Statement of Faith
(Welcoming and Affirming)

First Baptist Church of Painted Post, NY is a body of faith based on community in God and with each other. We celebrate the freedom to ask questions and seek answers together as we journey on a common path guided by the teachings of Christ Jesus. Although there may be differences among us, we believe that we can love alike even though we may not think alike.

While the church (universal) has made progress in being open and affirming to many groups, there continues to be condemnation of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons from the community of faith, or at least, a tolerance of such condemnation and exclusion through silence. We believe such actions are inconsistent with Christ’s teachings.

Therefore, we proclaim that our community of faith welcomes, affirms, and embraces people from all family configurations, religious backgrounds, racial and cultural identities, ages, economic status, divorced, partnered, single, married, differing abilities, sexual orientations, and gender identities. Through our American Baptist heritage of religious liberty and soul freedom we invite all people to fully participate in the life and ministries of First Baptist Church of Painted Post, NY as we journey together toward reconciliation through Christ.

We do so in keeping with our understanding of the Scripture and our experience of God’s Spirit showing us that all people are created in the image of God, and, as beloved children of God, all are worthy of God’s love and grace. In common community through God we honor and support one another in our joys and sorrows, celebrate life’s significant passages, and care for each other through life’s difficulties as we continue the journey.